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About me

I was born and raised in Ireland and came to Vancouver in August 2007. On January 19th 2008 I was marvelling at a row of crooked houses near Main Street when a voice called out - "Are you looking at those crooked houses?". Those were the first words my wife to be ever spoke to me. I'm glad I resisted the urge to make off, assuming it to be an irate neighbour tired of passersby gawking at their slanty homes. We were married that very same year, less than 10 months later. So it's fair to assume, considering I met my wife on the street, completely by chance, that I'm something of a romantic.

Justin Morrison of Juna Photography

I love weddings. The sight of two people committing the rest of their lives to each other just never gets old for me. Every time I photograph a wedding I'm reminded just how lucky I am to have met, and married, my soulmate.

I am inspired by the history of photography and I believe deeply in the importance of the craft. I believe that surrounding oursleves with photographs of those we love creates a postive energy, one that is invaluable to us all as we travel life's road.

It wasn't always my dream to be a photographer, in fact I wanted to be an astronaut. I even went as far as getting a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, but the effort of doing so kind of took the sheen off that dream! When I did finally get serious about making photographs, and in particular photographs of people I knew I had found my calling. To this day I still believe that the first wedding images I ever made are among my best. You can see those images here.

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