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Engagement Photos

Engagement sessions are brilliant. As a photographer I am rarely as inspired and, well, 'engaged' as when I am out photographing with a couple who are head over heels in love. With no rules and no 'must-have' shots, we're free to be spontaneous and just go with the flow. I work in a loose and documentary style, and I try to make my couple as relaxed as possible in order to create photographs that feel natural and authentic. I never ask my couple to do anything that feels contrived. After all, I'm not trying to make images for a fashion spread, I'm trying to make images that will remind you of you.

Andy & Niamh at Vanier Park, Vancouver, BC

Camera face not required.

As an artist, the engagement session allows me incredible freedom to express myself. When I create engagement photos, I try to be more of an observer than a participant. When we look directly at the camera we very rarely reveal our true selves. But when we focus on the moment and the person we are with, that's when great things happen.

Get to know your photographer

The great thing about an engagement session is that it allows you to get together in a casual setting without all the distractions of the wedding day itself, and just concentrate on making beautiful photographs. Every photographer is unique in his or her approach and in the energy they bring. Getting familiar with your photographer's approach makes an enormous difference to the quality of the photography on the wedding day itself.

Originality is a must

I prefer locations that are a little off the beaten track, with unusual features, places where we can do something truly original. While the choice of location is primarily up to you, I regularly make suggestions based on my long list of amazing locations in this breathtaking city. Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world to be a photographer, there are just so many cool places to hang out. I almost never use the same location twice, and I'm constantly finding new gems on my travels.

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